Wednesday, 23 September 2020

What is web hosting? Why require web hosting?

What most people think is taking up a domain name is enough to increase your online visibility. The web design company will provide you best web hosting services. However, a domain is just as good as deciding a name for a company. In order to access your website, you need to take hosting for it.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting allocates a reserved place for you on a web server wherein you can store your data and files. These data and files refer to HTML, CSS, images, etc. In a layman’s language, purchasing hosting is as good as reserving a place in the online world.

Why do we require one?

A hosting enables your audience to access your website and surf on it. When you buy one, you are basically renting or buying a place on the server for your website. One can design a website on his own computer. However, the targeted audience will only be able to access it when it is attached to a host.

One can develop his own server for the website or can also purchase it from a hosting company. However, it is always advisable to outsource it from elsewhere as developing at home can cost you heavily.

Also, setting up an in-house host requires a powerful computer with a good processor, heavy RAM, and a good operating system. Additionally, one also needs to learn the technicalities so as to manage and run the server. So instead, hiring a company can prove convenient for you. As you do not need to worry about its running and maintenance.

How to buy one?

You should always buy a reliable host server as your website’s performance depends on it. A good host server provides you with faster loading time which improves the user experience. And thereby, it reduces the bounce rates on your site. So, choosing the right one is necessary to provide a seamless experience to the target audience.

There are various plans starting from free to premium. However, you should select the plan on the basis of your overall future use on the website and the budget.

Also, while buying a particular plan, make sure what are the features that will be provided to you on purchase. A few good features are email accounts, FTP access, and WordPress support.

The email accounts feature enables you to create domain email accounts. FTP characteristic allows you to upload files from your local computer to your server. This way, you can easily access any of your files through the internet.

Also, look for a host server which provides WordPress compatibility if your website is created on wordpress. To check wordpress compatibility, make sure the hosting company has PHP version 7 or greater, MYSQL version 5.6 or greater.


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Sunday, 20 September 2020

Why Is Google Analytics Important In Digital Marketing?

Google Analytics is a tool that provides you with insightful analysis of your website. Every digital marketing company uses google analytics to analyze performance of the website. This analysis can be useful to you for figuring out your target audience effectively. More thoroughly, it tells you about who has visited your site, how much time they spend on your web, and how they got to know about your site in the first place.

So, why are these analytics so important in digital marketing?

Helps in building result-oriented strategies

Imagine a situation where you have framed the best marketing strategies from your end, but you are still not getting the expected results. So, how will you improve your efforts now? In such a situation, analytics will help you find the outcomes of your on-going strategies. As in you can find out what’s working for you and whatnot in the analytics section. Subsequently, you will be able to re-frame the strategies & develop the result-oriented ones.

Help you find out the most engaging contents

Analytics tells you about the pages that have been most viewed by your user base. Also, these insights tell you about the content on which viewers have spent their maximum time. Knowing & learning about these data, you will get to know about the content which is more engaging for your audience. Accordingly, you can create such types of content more which will further help you gain better results.

Help you figure out technical errors

Google metrics also tell you about the pages that have existed by most of your audience. This implies that you are failing to convert your potential audience into buyers. Ultimately, it demands improvements from your end. Sometimes, such errors are seen because of technical difficulties as well. An exit rate above 80% on a single page strongly recommends that the page should be examined from a technical as well as a conceptual point of view.

Helps you in link building

The majority of the traffic coming to a new website comes through referrals. In a technical way, it comes through the authoritative websites on which you have made the link building. So, analytics will also tell you about the site through which you are gaining maximum traffic for your website. In the end, it will help you in establishing a good link-building relationship with the other party.

Helps to analyze SEO strategy

By using Analytics, you also come to know where the traffic is coming to your site. To be more specific, you gain knowledge about whether the traffic is coming through organic ways or paid ways. This helps you to decide whether your SEO strategy is working or not. If a lot of traffic is coming from organic searches, then it means that your website rank is higher. Which is beneficial for your marketing framework.


So, by using Google Analytics, you can excel in the digital marketing effort in the right direction. At the end of the day, you will be able to generate the best leads for your business.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2020


Social media has proved to be again in so many ways today. Almost everything and anything requires social media to come to its aid. Be it a promotional event or a broadcast. We are the generation that is factually tied up to the digital world. The tube decides the future of our business. Talking of which, one field that has benefited due to social media, is real estate. Social media paves the way to further connect with your local clients and assemblies and enhance realtors and their marketing efforts. Social can build trust and spread your social media marketing through your circle and friends of friends.

Let’s see the social media platforms that help the realtors to expand their business.



Facebook is known for connecting people from different parts of the world with each other. Every realtor wishes to connect with potential buyers, including the friends and family of clients. Friends and family are excellent sources of word of mouth.


It is another extremely excellent way to connect with your clients. You are given the limit of 140 characters on this platform. Making good use of this can go a long way in strengthening relationships and gaining engagement. Use your tweets to help customers by enabling them to stage their homes for better sales.


It is all about visuals. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase all your listing through visuals, thus making it look appealing. Pinterest has the power to get your listings sold by making them visually exciting. Making good use of this platform will indeed have the capacity to do wonders in this digital-driven world



LinkedIn helps you set up a business page and allows you to update all your professional information. A good introduction, summary, and the chance to explain why you’re a good realtor, give your business a boost. You can join various local groups on LinkedIn and keep connected to your clients by asking for referrals through the site.


YouTube lets you make videos showing off your listings. You can use videos to show off the best features in and around your area. Viewers love watching videos and seeing beauty in all they see. This can go a long way too. Video Contests can also be used to get the required User Generic Content.


These are the social media platforms that help the realtors to expand their business. There are millions of users available on social media. You have to make a perfect social media marketing strategy to target those users. If you want more help with social media marketing strategy, then call Ideatore Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd stands for a digital marketing agency. Our team provides the best Social media marketing services and social media optimization services for your business.


Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools In 2020

With the ever-changing trends of social media, it is possibly hard for businesses to reach out to their target audience. There are various tasks ranging from running ad campaigns, tracking analytics, and making creatives that attract the user base. Also, everything listed here should be done with consistency. Because continuous posting increases the chances to get great audience reach and brand visibility for businesses. So, to generate qualitative results, it is mandated to use some good tools that will boost your social marketing efforts.

In this blog, we have listed down top social media tools that must be a part of your marketing tools.

The best tool is the one which organizes your tasks, easy to use, cheap in price, and aims at increasing brand awareness. Because that’s the only ultimate goal of using every social networking platform.


It’s one of the best apps specifically designed for creating beautiful Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest stories. Unfold is an android and iOS app that provides you with a wide range of templates, background colors, advanced text tools, creative fonts, stickers, textures, and many more things. Using this tool, you can make your creatives lively and elegant. Also, you do not need to create an account to use the app. Simply download and start designing your creatives.


Visual content gets three times more engagement on social media than text-written forms. That is why creating visuals can help you cover masses on these media channels. Using Biteable, you can produce short videos that are super entertaining, engaging, and informative. To create one, you can select the best templates out of a wide range of beautiful templates out there in the app. One can also upload personalized photos, brand logos, & clips so as to make customized video content.


It is a social media management tool that lets you schedule posts for publishing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. This tool also helps you analyze the post results and engage with the community. One can install the chrome extension of the same to queue articles and content that is supposed to be published on public platforms at certain times. You can develop trust, build relationships, and engage with the audience by replying to the most important comments inside the buffer.


Research is very crucial in digital marketing. You need to learn & analyze what your competitors are doing in order to outreach them. Buzzsumo helps you to find content that’s been most shared on social channels. Also, you can put your own domain or competitor’s domain in here so as to know what’s been shared socially. Besides this, it provides many more features like finding niche-specific influencers, research keywords & trending topics that your audience finds interesting, etc.


It is also a media management tool that lets you manage multiple accounts under one login into a single dashboard. And, that too at free of cost. Along with the benefit of managing all the accounts under one roof, you can also assign tasks, create a social media calendar, and schedule updates inhere. There are also free online courses available on Hootsuite lets you upgrade your marketing skills. You can also integrate other platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, and Storify that will help you gather more customer data & feedback.


To stick in this competitive environment, marketers should make use of good tools so as to lessen the efforts. As a result of which, you will be able to concentrate on core tasks like strategizing campaigns more efficiently. This will definitely improve your promotional efforts.

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Why Is Advertising And Branding Important For Business?

Advertising and branding is the only thing that gives your business recognition in the marketplace. The advertising & branding company helps you to start your advertising & branding services. You stand different from your competitors when you have a strong image. By way of it, the target audience can easily recognize your product or service just by looking at the name, logo, symbol, or design. In other words, it helps you to distinguish your product or service from a wide range of products and services available in the market.

In this blog, you will learn why advertising & branding is so important.

So, let’s dive right into the guide:

Improved recognition

A brand gives identity to your business. To brand your business, you are required to design the right logo which is attention-grabbing, easy to recall, and understandable to your audience. This is how your customers start to remember your business which increases your business value.

Creates trust

Generally, people prefer to buy from those who already have a well-known & well-established image in the market. So, when you have a good social image, people feel trustworthy while spending their hard-earned money on your product or service. As a result of which, you tend to earn more in comparison with other businesses that do not have a brand image.

Attracts new customers

A strong brand already has a positive image in the minds of targeted audiences. That is why it becomes easy for a businessman to attract new leads. As in, because of good branding, your new target audience already knows that you deliver quality products or services. So, when new people have an option to choose between your enterprise and your competitor, they are more likely to make transactions with you.

Motivates workforce

Employees & other staff always like to work with reputed companies as it builds a trustworthy relationship with them. It boosts employee retention, morale, and thereby productivity. When you are known for your good behaviors, many new talents seek to join with you. This allows enterprise growth in the right direction.

Sets you apart from competitors

Believe it or not, branding provides an identity to your business. And, helps you stand out from the crowd. This provides you with exclusive benefits like customer loyalty, increased sales, etc. Also, it acts as goodwill for your business as you start to be recognized as a good enterprise in the market.


To conclude, you must make every effort to make your enterprise a brand. This can be achieved through good marketing and frequent interactions with your target audience.

Digital promotions are the new way to connect with the customers. Promoting your company without using online ways is like missing upon a great opportunity.

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Thursday, 27 August 2020

What Are The Important Factors Of Website Design?

In the current digital world of the information age, everything is available to you at the click of a button. People are preferring to search for everything online before they actually visit a local shop. This is the reason why having an online presence is more crucial than owning an offline physical store in today’s technology-driven world.

The very first step in increasing the online existence is having a website. It should be developed and designed in such a way that it should attract the user’s attention. A site that captures the user’s attention tends to have a good retention time, lower bounce rates, and higher rates of conversions.

This article will guide you through the important elements of web design that you should remember while designing one:

Improving user experience

Your website look is the first thing that will catch the attention of your audience. You should create a clean, attractive, and appealing design. However, you should not over-do it using extra bright colors & fonts. One should use a decent but attractive font & color scheme. Often, customers relate the color combination to the brand value of a particular product or company. For instance, bright colors like purple & orange represent a luxurious product. The pink color scheme represents the products related to girly products like makeup.

Include action-compelling buttons

Placing call to action buttons encourages your customers to take action & buy your product. It shows that you are willing to develop relations with your targeted audience. Also, you can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletters. Or else, one can also collect basic information regarding name, email address, contact information, etc about the customers. Including such buttons on each page of your site entails potential leads to take actions.

Ensure mobile-friendliness

One thing to remember is that people are accessing your site through a variety of devices. There are a few users who use desktop whereas a few use smartphones. You should be targeting both these audience segments so as to grab a wider crowd. Some research says that every third person worldwide owns a smartphone. Therefore, it is a must for you to design the site taking into consideration the mobile-friendliness of it.

Incorporate the right content

Content tells the story about your brand, product or service, business locations, contact information, and many such things. Even when you have incorporated impeccable aesthetics, speed, easy pathways, mobile-friendliness, you still need to provide knowledgeable information to the users. It instills a clear & concise knowledge for users. You must include diverse contents including videos, images, and infographics on your site which will grab the user's attention & provide a good piece of information.

Ensure great speed

Lastly, the site should provide such a great speed so that the bounce rates will be minimized. In this fast-moving world, people are impatient and expecting quick solutions to their needs & wants. The users will run over to the competitor’s sites if your page is taking too much time to load. This leads to higher bounce rates and apparently low conversions. So, ensure the proper speed so that you will not lose any potential lead.


The purpose of designing a web is to provide ultimate convenience to the users. Users are not supposed to struggle a lot to find anything on your web. What they are searching for should become available to them within a piece of time.

Ideatore can help you with web design services including every functionality that will engage the audience visiting your page. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team soon to let us know your business requirements.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile App Development?

According to the recent surveys of economic times, internet users in India will rise by 40% and the number of smartphone users will double by 2023. Looking at the figures, one can seamlessly identify that people will prefer using a mobile application more than surfing through websites. This ultimately develops the need to create applications for businesses. There are various benefits of developing a customized mobile application in the present times.

Let’s explore these benefits in the below detailed guide:

Improves online visibility

As more people are using smartphones these days, shifting your business from website to mobile application surely improves the online visibility. It gives you exposure to a wide number of audience. Wherein you can target large audiences which thereby automatically improves your business’s online visibility.

Improves customer engagement

In the case of an application, you can integrate various features that can improve the consumer experience. A few features can be installing a chatbot, push notifications, social sharing options, etc. By way of an application, people can easily share the website contents like products, services, or blogs over social media platforms. This gradually drives more traffic to your site.

Promotes business sales

A mobile application provides features like push notifications. So, your customer can get timely notifications as per their browsing histories. Such notifications can push your target audience to make transactions with you. Also, an app offers an easy way to navigate through the available product or service offerings of a business. In the end, it helps you get more sales for your business.

Provides a competitive edge

Developing an app can provide you with competitive advantage rather than operating using a website. Because you can provide timely reminders of the upcoming updates of your app to the users. One can easily update the latest version of your app on the smartphone. This enables you to provide a good customer experience.

Assures cost-effectiveness

One can promote the product and services in a better way using an app. Features like social sharing provide free marketing of your offerings. Also, online reviews posted attracts new customers to buy from you. Which can prove to be costly in case of online social media ads or search ads? So, developing an app can assure you with extra benefits.


You must develop a mobile app if you wish to boost your sales. It’s an effective way to attract & engage your customers in a better way. You can contact Ideatore interactive solutions Pvt Ltd that provides mobile app development services at a lower cost.